A Confession

I have a confession to make.  One that is tough for a fisherman’s wife and fish-monger to make publicly. I used to HATE fish.  There.  I said it. I was born into a British-Austrian-Catholic family where fish was served on Fridays and was, generally speaking, some nameless, sourceless white fish, overcooked in the extreme, and

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Fair wages make a difference!

2014-07-07 13.14.16

As he was fishing this Tuesday in the upper boundary of the Alberni Inlet in Barkley Sound, our fisherman Shaun came across several big size seiners, catching most of the daytime fish. The sight of these “neighbors” made us think of Skipper Otto’s CSF mission, to ensure that independent, small-scale, low impact fishermen receive a

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Practice filleting like a Pro!


As we celebrated the first fresh salmon ever sold at the Trout Lake Farmers’ Market, Skipper Otto’s own experienced home fish cutter Gordon Tilley demystified filleting a whole fish! Gordon also happens to be Sonia’s dad, proving that the love for fish runs deep in the extended Strobel family. In case you missed our filleting demos,

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Workshop Update


We’re super excited about receiving a grant through UBC Community Learning that is allowing us to put on workshops and open kitchens this summer. It has been an amazing experience to learn all the ins and outs of planning and running seafood workshops, and to experiment with different classes and kitchens. We planned an early

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