3 generations — follow up

Oliver and Otto picking the net, August 2014.

It was really quiet around here for three days…eerily quiet!  But while Oliver was up fishing with his daddy, Shaun, and his Opa, Otto, I enjoyed a peaceful, quiet, relaxing weekend alone with Lyndon, our 3-year old son.  Lyndon is a great sleeper so I got lots of rest, luxuriated over steaming cups of coffee

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3 generations


This week, your salmon will be caught by 3 generations of Strobel men. Last week, Otto and Shaun, father and son, started fishing together onboard Omega V.  Days and nights of fishing are just too much for one fishermen to fish alone, especially one who is 73 years old, no matter how tough and resilient

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Sockeye Fever

Fresh Fish

Do you remember the summer of 2010? The Fraser and Adams River sockeye returns were all over the headlines “Record Salmon Returns”  “Biggest return in 100 years!”  And as you may know, sockeye spawn on a 4-year cycle.  So, that means, barring any unforeseen disasters, this year should be a huge year for sockeye salmon

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The Story of your Halibut

Duncan halibut fishing

Duncan just returned from Halibut fishing. Read about his stormy adventure below. “We departed Port Hardy on Friday at noon for a halibut spot we like to fish near the Goose Bank in Queen Charlotte Sound.It has produced well for us this time of the year in the past, however it is 10 hours from land and

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