Lessons in Salmon Identification

What’s the Difference Between the Salmon Species?   Many people know sockeye to be the most highly prized of the salmon species, but they often don’t know much about the other delicious and abundant species. According to a recent research paper by Dr Rashid Sumaila of the UBC Fisheries Centre, climate change is responsible for

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What’s the Story on By-Catch?

Since all the products we carry are Ocean Wise recommended, you can be confident that the species population is abundant, stable, and well managed, but also that the fishing method used has a minimal environmental impact and minimal by-catch. But what is by-catch? Most broadly, by-catch is defined as marine animals caught unintentionally during commercial fishing. It can

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July Fishing Updates

  July was a record-breaking hot, dry summer out here on the BC coast! Our fishermen have been working hard hauling in the best seafood of the season, and observing how the weather is affecting our spawning salmon and our waters. Fishing Updates Otto gillnetted for salmon off the Nass River opening throughout the entire month.

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Holiday Mode


My favourite part of working for Skipper Otto’s is hearing from you – our members and customers. These last few weeks what I’ve been hearing is that many of you have entered “Holiday Mode”. You’re fine tuning your lists of what to give and what to get, you’re researching recipes, and planning your time wisely

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